Our charter of values

The values of Ed Brunet and Associates express its principles and guide its day-to-day activities.

Every employee at Ed Brunet and Associates is committed to always following business best practices with respect to applicable laws, standards, and codes, in harmony with the company’s values:


Act, individually and collectively, in compliance with the highest standards of honesty and responsibility. Be fair and equitable in our relationships, our actions, and our decisions.

Diversity – Multiculturalism

Accept differences and the distribution of additional strengths and other qualities within the team. Encourage participation of visible minorities in all types of jobs in the company.


Be a leader and ensure that everyone acts according to their specific field of expertise. Use our skills to provide unparalleled service.


Exceed our customers’ expectations. Provide high-quality services and products in sufficient quantity and at a fair price while respecting schedules.


Treat others as we want to be treated (egalitarian treatment). Be empathetic towards others and listen to them. Demonstrate consideration towards people’s (clients/colleagues) expectations and aspirations. Respect and work with the strengths of everyone.

Health and safety

Create a work environment that protects the health and safety of all employees and remain a leader in the field by implementing all measures to provide safe work sites, by encouraging a “zero-accident” culture, by providing appropriate training to all employees, and ensuring the continuous implementation of best practices under the supervision of the OHS committee.