A culture close to our hearts

Our personal commitment

The company’s senior management ensures your projects will be completed professionally. Each step will receive high-quality professional and technical attention. Additionally, we are committed to respecting our clients’ budgets and schedules and to maintaining timely communication with them.

Our workers are conscientious regarding the quality of their work. Thanks to their skills and experience, they can respond to unexpected events by providing practical suggestions that are advantageous for everyone.

Our integrity program

Ed Brunet and Associates was the first general contractor in Quebec to successfully implement the Association de la Construction du Québec integrity program. To this end, we are committed to involving all members of our team in updating our process to encourage transparency and integrity in our day-to-day activities and in relationships with each of our customers, suppliers, and other business partners. This program is an expression of our voluntary commitment to progress, which goes above and beyond the minimal legal requirements. With this in mind, one of Ed Brunet and Associates’ objectives is to raise overall awareness to encourage the development of best practices and healthy competition.


At Ed Brunet and Associates, all our decisions and actions are guided by customer satisfaction and high-quality work. Our employees are recruited for their knowledge, experience, and practical skills, and they are encouraged to continue training to preserve and improve their skills. Our family culture is the pride of the entire company, and we work together with our partners to ensure all our projects are successful..

Quality without compromise

At Ed Brunet and Associates, quality isn’t just a process, it’s our culture. To us, quality means meeting our customers’ needs by using the most recent technical and technological advances and the best materials on the market. Quality control is a critical part of our daily activities. We make sure that our working conditions, including safe and tidy work sites, well-planned and realistic schedules, and precise and detailed work plans, promote high-quality achievement.

We also require our subcontractors to implement their own quality-assurance systems, which our team checks with thorough monitoring.

We promote sustainable solutions

We are always looking for innovations that minimize the environmental impact of our construction projects and maximize their energy efficiency and longevity. We consider solutions and products that meet the specific criteria of sustainable development starting with the design phase.

To this end, Ed Brunet and Associates is a partner of the Zibi project, designed by Windmill Developments and Dream Unlimited, recipients of the ISOCARP (The International Society of City and Regional Planners) Award for Excellence for their project, the Pierre L’Enfant International Planning Achievement Award, and the Canadian Institute of Planners Award for Planning Excellence.