Construction Management

Clients who opt for the construction management approach choose the architects, engineers, and, in some cases, the subcontractors and suppliers themselves. They sign a contract with each professional and hire Ed Brunet and Associates as construction manager.

The construction manager ensures that the project is properly managed and that the budget and schedule are being followed. The customer is responsible for all costs, and the project manager’s fee is generally either a percentage of total costs or a fixed amount.

Ed Brunet and Associates works with the design team from the start of the project and uses its experience to help the team identify alternatives and improvements that will benefit the project and the customer.

Types of construction services

Different owners may prefer different types of construction services, since every project has its own specific characteristics, such as the type of construction, budget, schedule, financing, and level of involvement. Each type of construction service involves different roles and contractual responsibilities.

Ed Brunet and Associates can help you select the best construction service for your needs.

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